I spoke too soon…

5 04 2009

…because more than an hour later I am still at La Guardia and will be for at least three and a half hours more.  A broken bit of the plane and the need to bring the replacement from Canada is the problem.  So it is sitting on the tarmac (see picture) and the group of us who are traveling are trying to fill in the time.  Plane at LG




2 responses

12 04 2009
Margaret Bennett

Might have been able at least to wave mid-air had i looked at your schedule before i flew to Newfoundland to promote a Homecoming Scoltand tour — as i flew via Toronto to get to Deer Lake, could have been possible!
Did for fund-raisers with the group who are coming over and, as we took our show to St Andrews (Newfoundland) we sang Newfoundland Gaelic songs under the blue banner of Homecoming Scotland 2009.

i can send you pics separately — and also the tour dates here, as we would be so delighted to have you as a guest at any you can possibly attend.

i’ll send the rest separately,
meanwhile, happy, glorious Easter!
Margaret Benentt

13 04 2009
Michael Russell

It would have been a good meeting – and cheered me up in Toronto airport ! Do let me have the details of the tour dates here and if I can get to one, I will – and I would love to see some of the pics.

Regards as ever.

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