Safe Arrived….

4 04 2009

…which is the first line of a short poem by Robert Burns about the difficulties of 18th century travel.  21st Century is a bit easier – got to Newark via Amsterdam with remarkably little difficulty, but driving into New York we were assailed by a terrific thunderstorm, with stair-rods falling by the time we made it to the hotel near Central Park.

RSAMD at Carnegie HallIt looked as if the photocall with the RSAMD students might have to be cancelled, but just at the right time the rain stopped and eventually “Scotland the Brave” was being piped right outside Carnegie Hall.  And here is the picture to prove it !

Then after another photocall for a story for Monday and a brief visit to the inspirational Edward Steichen Exhibition at the at the International Centre for Photography it was time for a quick meal and the end of a long day.   For it may only be 9.30 here but it is 2.30 am in Scotland  so I have been up for 23 hours.    And tomorrow is  the parade of course !




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